Aussie Capital

Aussie Capital invests in promising NFT and DeFi startups, but also invests in the people behind them. Their focus is on building trust with founders that exhibit clear visions for the future and providing any necessary support to help them flourish.

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DeltaHub Capital

One of the most active and vibrant crypto communities in the blockchain investment space. DHC is described to be the utility coin of DeltaHub Capital platform used to grant access to deals flow, stake to earn DHG governance tokens. It’s the foundation of the community-governed economic model (C-GEM) proposed by DHC.

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Synapse Network

Synapse Network aims to bring the idea of a fully regulated financial institution backed by DeFi products to the masses. We are a team with over 20 years of hands-on experience in business, start-ups, technology, banking, as well as blockchain solutions. Synapse is dividing its product offering into two broad streams — The retail and institutional stream.

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Shima Capital

Backed by some of the top crypto exchanges, the team at Shima Capital are native blockchain investors with traditional VC experience and a deep network in Silicon Valley and Asia. Shima Capital’s #1 investment KPI is to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested for its founders.

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Maven Capital

Maven Capital prides itself on market trend research in identifying the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects revolutionizing the blockchain space. As they invest in them early, we support startups throughout their journey.

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CryptoBoost's intention is to buy a legacy bank with a full banking license and transform it into a modern, digital and crypto friendly bank. The investors will have unique possibilities to invest in a fast developing bank with potentially good returns on investments.

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Oracles Investment Group

OIG is a private VC with only the most passionate investors to support and empower the most promising projects. We have an exclusive focus on decentralized finance, metaverse development, blockchain gaming and the intricate infrastructure of all of these combined! Our rich history investing in the crypto market since 2017 has taught us that community is key and connectivity is king. Not only do we invest in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market and early-stage funding rounds, but we serve as a powerful support tool to our partners via assisting with liquidity, token economics, market making, marketing, and most importantly, integrating them into our expansive network of brilliant projects so that they might form integral relationships to amplify their reach.

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Antigua Ventures

'We know the world should be much more developed and balanced than it is today, and we cannot accept that the same primitive principles we had hundreds of years ago are still the ones we have in our days. Because of this we support projects that will impact the reality with a big dose of talent and innovation, always basing the core of its technology in decentralized systems. Same way the New World was discovered five centuries ago, we can guarantee that we are re-discovering it now.'

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Vespertine Capital

Vespertine Capital is a blockchain advisory, investment, and education firm dedicated to helping early-stage crypto ventures drive digital innovation and real-world use cases using blockchain technology.

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Lotus Capital

The Leading Crypto Fund in the Middle East.

An ecosystem of entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and academics: we have unparalleled access to the most innovative projects in the blockchain space.

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Exnetwork Capital

Exnetwork Capital is an investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement. A hybrid hyperconnected fund, idea lab and an incubator, Exnetwork Capital has been a key ingredient in the success of numerous projects launched since 2018.

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Alves Ventures

Alves Ventures is a venture capital firm based in the heart of London. Our core objective is to promote wide-scale adoption of innovative and ground-breaking blockchain technology.

We don't just provide capital to bootstrap our portfolio projects, we actively work with them to empower them to realize their vision.

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MilleniumClub DAO

The Millennium Club team aims to make crypto more accessible to the masses by introducing more applications that utilise crypto-currencies like an International eCommerce and a Mobile Wallet. We also provide tools to take part of the rewards coming from owning a MasterNode or performing Cloud Mining.

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Crypto League

Crypto League is a venture capital collective formed by crypto enthusiasts who are spread among the major blockchain hubs in Europe. Their goal is to accelerate cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption on the continent. The team has helped some of the most disruptive cryptocurrency startups enter the European market.


5ire is leading the world’s transition from the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) to the fifth industrial revolution (5IR). 4IR, known for digitalization, brought increased connection via cyber networks. 5IR heralds the interdependence of humans and machines via human-focused designs.

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BenMo Block is a paid DeFi community in China, in which many advance blockchain players are actively dwelling. The community was established in 2017 by Super Jun, aiming to catch up with the development of blockchain, from off-chain arbitrage, on-chain Dapp arbitrage, node arbitrage, to DeFi mining.

It is currently the largest DeFi community in China, with blockchain investors who have the strongest skills and capitals. According to incomplete statistics, the mining funds of the community are as high as billions of US dollars. Most mainstream DeFi protocols have the presence of Benmo community members.

Check out their WeChat community: superbitcoin001 as well as their website.

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