Competitive Web3 Cyberverse

Gaming Experience

  • Level your characters

  • Defend your lands and fight for them to get resources and a passive income

  • Get into an immersive PvP gameplay and compete for generous rewards

  • Unite into guilds and alliances to dominate on the world map

Increase the value of your total assets and earn tokens! Myriads of characters with different rarity will make the gameplay more diverse and taking on other players will turn the process of getting to the top into a challenging achievement! But have no doubts — it will be worth all the grinding.

Unique Aspects

  • 10000 unique characters and 10000 city blocks for making passive income

  • Groundbreaking global MMO with city building/management elements

  • Full-scale battlegrounds with a turn-based battle system

  • Intertwined social interaction between players and clans

Target Audience

  • Enthusiasts looking for a passive income opportunities

  • Conventional gamers who are into global strategies and turn-based combat


Join our Discord server and be active to get in-game NFTs:

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