Welcome to Cyber City!

The first Cyber City Inc drop is live!

UltiArena clan drop:
Our Genesis Wave 1 HyperJump clan drop is now available at PaintSwap (Giga boxes sold out):
Join the Liquidifty platform and get your box with the lowest price (Giga boxes sold out):
Cyber City is a new Open Economy Play-to-Earn Game with Tradeable NFT Assets, aimed at delivering a high-quality Gaming Experience with Sustainable Tokecomics
Cyber City is a product of a partnership between a Professional Game Development Studio and Alium MultiChain DeFi and NFT Ecosystem ⚡️

Core Features

  • Engaging Gameplay developed by professional Game Development Studio
  • Sustainable Tokenomics Model for CYBR, with Staking, Farming and Burn
  • Play-to-Earn Mechanics to target a broad audience
  • Tradeable NFT Assets: Characters, Land and Gear
  • Multiple Platforms: smartphones, tablets, browsers/PC
  • Strong Partnerships with 10 projects, including NFTb, Liquidifty, BlindBoxes, HyperJump and Polygon
  • Experienced Marketing team, led by ex-Head of Marketing of
Introductory promo

Open economy

  • 10 000 NFT In-game Characters tradeable on NFT Marketplaces
  • In-game Resource Token tradeable outside the Game
  • ALM - Core Game Currency tradeable on and Pancake Swap
  • Characters, Land and Gear Secondary NFT market

Clan system

  • 10 clans represented by real-life crypto enterprises
  • Among our partners: Polygon, Blind Boxes, NFTb, Liquidifty
  • Numerous opportunities for in-game advertising

Release date

The first game mode where collectible NFTs can be used - coming in Jan 2022. The full release in Apr 2022.
Don't miss the first drop. Gain your cyberpunk supremacy.
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