The game is divided into two main gameplay parts: CyberCity map and Battles.

Firstly, the in-game city map includes a resource management system, city-building elements and a lot of interactions between players:

Cyber City Inc game map:

  • 10 000 city cells, each of which is a unique NFT to sell on Marketplace.

  • There are explorable and decorative city blocks: explorable are for conquering and owning it, decorative are for discovering, mining resources and fighting AI mobs.

  • The key gameplay mechanism is that Players can use their Characters to attack other Land and defend their own.

  • The game map has three views: Global map, Sector map, and City blocks map.

City blocks:

  • Build your own city quarter with several unique building types.

  • All building types are for a different purpose - one building may be useful for resource farming, while another one is for defense improvements.

  • Each building is in the Technology tree - open new improvements and raise effectiveness to take advantage of the map.

  • You can destroy your buildings, make new and upgrade them inside city blocks. Create your vision of the perfect City!

Resource system:

  • There are 4 types of resources: GOTA, MePa, BMass and WJuice. Each resource may be farmed or conquered in battles.

  • Use resources to improve your city cells and building inside.

  • Spend it in the Technology tree to evolve your Characters - open new skills, raise their Stat levels, and upgrade companions and weaponry.

  • Exchange resources with other players on the map by sending convoys, attack enemy players' cells to rob their resources, and farm from your own Fabric buildings.

Interactions on the map:

  • Mobs on the decorative cells are spawning for additional resource farming.

  • Move your Squads consisting of up to 5 Characters on the map - to attack some other player, to share resources or to place your Squad on the map strategically.

  • Tap on the map where another player’s base is located to read information about him, about his base and power.

Secondly, the battle system includes turn-based combat on the battle map divided into rows which players can use to move their Characters.

Battle system:

  • Battle arenas have PvP and PvE modes and be sure - our AI won’t let you run away!

  • Turn-based combat where turn order depends on the Initiative points of each character.

  • Use Synchrones of your Characters - special “cyber spells” to hack and destroy your enemy.

  • Companions will attack enemies, heal you or protect in the end of each turn automatically.

  • Rows on the battle map can be used strategically for squad regrouping, kind of placing long-range Characters behind low-range.


  • Archetypes contain 4 main parts: Clan, Character, Companion and Weapon.

  • 10 Clans represented by real-life crypto enterprises.

  • 10 unique Characters who lead their own way and history.

  • 10 powerful Weapons to destroy the whole City or create new justice.

  • 10 strong Companions helping their masters in battles, saving them by healing or making strong additional attacks.

  • The rarity of each NFT depends on Archetype “purity” - this system follows rules of “being as first, origin NFT”.

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