NFT Utility & Value

Cyber City is a dystopian world where faith and hope are almost gone. Dirty streets, dark places are full of violence, you will survive only if you are ready for struggle.

You play with a cyberian represented as an NFT character. Here you can achieve the top by becoming a conqueror, and participate in classic fights and PVP battles. On the streets, permeated with the spirit of cyberpunk, gangsterism and poverty, there are districts that have the name "City Blocks". City Blocks are involved in the system of passive resources’ farming and allow you to construct buildings on blocks’ cells with their own specifics:

  • Information buildings that make it possible to possess valuable info about enemies in the area. This branch will allow you to build a strategy for capturing territories.

  • Military buildings - improving the attacking abilities of the Player characters and the protective abilities of the Player cells.

  • Industry buildings - increasing the efficiency of extraction of Player's cell resources.

  • Warehouse buildings - protects some resources in case of defeat at the battle for the cell.

All upgrades are tied to a unique NFT, thereby making the token more valuable and more expensive.

In Cyber City, characters and City Blocks form a complex balanced ecosystem of tokenomics which allows users to get profit and emotions from epic battles in a world where the rule is kill or be killed.

1. Who in the world of Cyber City is the best hacker?

2. Cyber City neighbourhood where offices of major corporations are concentrated.

3. What corporation was secretly developing weapons that would allow it to hack into and control other corporations?

4. An assistant to one of the heroes with artificial intelligence.

5. A character that can change appearance.

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