A game marketplace is a platform where each player can sell and buy NFT items (including City lands and Characters), start auctions, and open NFT boxes.

In the Store page there are two main tabs: Market and Auction

In the profile page there are four tabs: - Collected NFT - your inventory. - Activity - if you placed some NFT to own auction or participating in some other auction). - Favorites - NFTs marked by you in the Store window. - Staking history - where you can see staking info from the Staking map.

NFT info card contains information about NFT which is on sale, auction or in ownership by you. There you can see the prehistory of each NFT in the Description section, technical info and what you will get from the NFT once you purchase it. Also, as an additional feature, you can check the Owner history - what was the price of the NFT, who was the owner, and when it was sold.

Staking map is the place to stake NFTs before the game is released. Here you can get primary resources, utilize your just minted characters and get some CYBR in return. Each Cell of this city has a different cost and, respectively, different results. Staking map will only be available until the release of v1.0.

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