Cyberians Unleashed (NFT Unboxing)

June 2022

Finally, Cyberians are unleashed! Users can open their NFT boxes from the Genesis Wave INOs. The unboxing date will be announced after the last INO clan drop. Cyberians will receive characters, weapons, companions, and city blocks that can already be tradable in Cyber City NFT marketplace.

Cyber City Marketplace re-release

June 2022

A game marketplace is finally on! Each player can deal in NFT items including City lands and Characters, start auctions and open NFT boxes. Cyber City Marketplace is a prime part of in-game trading relationships between the players.


July, 2022

Cyber City will launch its public sale of its token, CYBR, which will be available on DEX and CEX listings. Users can also earn CYBR tokens by owning City Block NFTs in Cyber City.

NFT Sale

November, 2022

500 boxes of NFT were sold. The dates of the next sale will be announced later.

Cyber City game Alpha-version

December 2022

By that moment most of the game mechanics will be implemented. Within the month the team will have to decide which parts of the game work smoothly and can be used in Cyber City v1.0 and which parts will have to be excluded for the time being.

Cyber City Beta-version

TBA 2023

Cyber City will release its beta version in Q4 2022. It is going to establish the new standard in P2E gaming and aims to entice more traditional gamers to learn more about GameFi and NFTs.

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