This guide is made for those who had bought a Cyber City Box (small, medium, giga) on Initial NFT Offering.

  1. Open Cyber City marketplace.

2. Connect your wallet by pressing the 'Connect Wallet' button in the top-right corner. Choose 'Connect Metamask' if you're using Metamask, otherwise choose 'Connect Wallet' for any WalletConnect compatible wallet.

3. If everything went well, you should see your CYBR balance and the 'Profile' button.

4. Go to the 'Box' section of the marketplace.

5. After choosing the clan (Liquidifty, HyperJump, UltiArena, NFTb) you had bought box/boxes from you can see boxes in your possession.

UltiArena, Liquidifty, NFTb boxes are minted on BSC network, not Polygon, so after choosing any of those clans you will be prompted to change your network by your wallet.

As Liquidifty is a custodial marketplace, you first need to withdraw the box from the marketplace to your wallet before proceeding with the opening.

6. Press 'Open box' under the box you wish to open. Approve the transaction in your wallet.

And voilà! Your characters and city blocks have been deposited into your wallet! You can see them on the profile page shown below. If you wish to open another box, press the 'Open New Box' button.

Congratulations! Your characters and city blocks are ready for use!

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