How to stake CYBR

How to participate in CYBR token staking

  1. Go to the Investments section and connect the wallet:

2. In the participation block, specify the amount of CYBR tokens that you want to stake:

3. Below, the calculator will show the amount of reward that you will receive after 30 days, in addition to the invested funds:

4. After entering the amount, you need to click the Stake button and confirm the transaction in the wallet. After the transaction is complete, you will see a notification window:

5. At the bottom of the page, you will see all your active stakes. Each of the blocks displays the unlock date when you can withdraw your funds and reward:

6. During the entire staking time, you cannot withdraw the invested funds from the pool.

At the end of the staking time, the Unstake button appears. To exit the pool, you need to click the Unstake button and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

7. The staking reward is 5% of the invested amount, and it is provided in two tokens — 1.25% in the native CYBR token and 3.75% in the CYBRg token, which can only be used in the game. Selling on the exchange and transferring CYBRg tokens between wallets is not available.

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